Sisu Security

Easily identify IoT vulnerabilities

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Scan, identify and take action on common vulnerabilities in IoT and firmware binaries

Easy and accessible

DevOps integration

Pay what you use

Actionable insights

Easy-to-use and Accessible to Anyone

Improve the security of your IoT software development, testing and deployment lifecycle. Works for all - developers, testers, managers. Works anywhere - device manufacturing, software development, (pen)testing/QA, consulting, certification.

Automation and DevOps Integration

Full automation and seamless integration with major CI/CD/DevOps pipelines lowers engineering efforts and operational costs.

Easy to get started

No need for complicated licenses - simple SaaS signup with flexible pricing and payment options. Cost-effective.

Actionable and Comprehensive Insights

Whether it’s machine readable data for ‘security automation' systems or 'eye-candy’ dashboards and reports for engineers and executives - you get actionable information in the right format to support your decision making.

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